My Wish List

Let me first say, I don’t totally feel comfortable asking for stuff for Christmas this year, being that I’ve been out of work for the past two months and couldn’t immediently return the favor. That said, I will return the favor when I’m able to.

I also understand that the Christmas season isn’t about gift giving, but about it’s religious tie-ins. However, in my family, this time of year has turned more into a customary ritual, and in my dad & step-mom’s case, a celebration of their anniversary. So, it would feel weird to not do anything at all, wether it be in late December or sometime in January.

With all of this, I’ve been doing some thinking on what will I use and continue using. With a little help from Kevin Rose’s Top 10 Gifts for Geeks, I’ve compiled this list with explanations and links.

Kodak Zi6 ($159-$189) – My career focus has gone from primarily web development to primarily video editing. I found when I did my video editing class in college that this is something I love. I have found more than a few openings in every market that I’ve searched in, so it seems like more of a guarantee that I could find work in this field. Problem is, I need a portfolio and my little digital camera doesn’t quite fit the bill on what I want to do.

Enter the Kodak Zi6, a little pocket-sized HD camcorder that would be perfect for the things I want to shoot. Further, it offers an expandable SD memory slot, much like you’d see in a digital camera, and the rechargeable batteries can be replaced, something the Flip Mino HD that I was considering can’t say. While these cameras don’t do everything a standard HD camcorder would do, such as offer an optical zoom, it fits the minimal needs I’m looking for and comes in a convenient package.

Final Cut Express ($199) – This is Apple’s industry standard video editing software. While Apple’s iMovie ’08 has done everything I wanted to to allow me to post video’s to the web, it’s not an industry standard. So, my plan has been to learn Final Cut inside and out on my own, since I only scratched the surface on it in college.

Flickr Pro subscription ($25) – Flickr is primarily a place to share photos with the world. However, they just recently gave users the option to upload videos that are 90 seconds or less, a feature I’m going to look to take advantage of. You can use Flickr for free, but they limit you on everything, including the number of albums you can have and you can’t actually upload video until you pay. Talk about a pain. A yearly subscription takes those limitations away. Note: You can’t gift these subscriptions, so I’d have to have the money sent my way.

HDMI cable ($5) – Simply put, I want HD with the Playstation 3. Would you believe if you look in most stores, these cables sell for $50 and more. However, if you look on Amazon, they run around $5.

iTunes Gift Cards ($15-$100) – I own an iPhone and I want more applications for it. These cards come in basically any amount you can afford.

Wall-E Blu-Ray Collectors’ Edition ($24 from Amazon) – I love Pixar movies.

LittleBigPlanet for Playstation 3 ($60 and lower) – LittleBigPlanet is a game that puts you in the place of a little sock boy (think something like a voodoo doll) and lets you navigate this world with him. You can also dress him up and do plenty of other things with him. But, the biggest calling cards of this game are the multi-player online play and the world creation editor where you can create entire environments and objects, and then share them online. I always look for replay value when it comes to games, and this game offers plenty of replay value.

Hope this helps everyone. I hope everyone has a great holiday.


~ by Steve L. on December 5, 2008.

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