Sneaux Cajuns

Yup, it’s snowing in Louisiana!

There’s a major difference in the states of mind of people from different locations when it comes to snow. Down here in the Deep South, it’s a novelty. It doesn’t usually do this kind of thing around here, so its fun to us down here.

Up north, when I lived in Nebraska, it was always cool when that first snow came. But, after that first month, you became sick of the crap and grew ready for Spring.

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All the above photos are from the Baton Rouge/Lafayette areas in Louisiana (about 250 miles west of me) via TwitPic, a service used for sending pictures from Twitter.


~ by Steve L. on December 11, 2008.

One Response to “Sneaux Cajuns”

  1. pretty…
    and i’m over the novelty of snow…
    so californians dont know how to deal with this…well atleast me. i’m ready for

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