iChat, sorry I’ve neglected you

A couple weeks I sent a message out to everyone on my list on Adium that I would be moving to AIM and if anyone needed to find me, that’s where I’d be.

Not one person switched over.

It’s not that I’m not liked. I usually end up talking to someone online during the day. It’s more of a stubbornness to switch. People I talk to have built up such a base on Yahoo, nobody’s going to move. I went through these same trials with another individual with Skype about a month ago.

The problem I have is that Yahoo Messenger on the Mac is a sad excuse for a program of any kind. It’s buggy (still in beta), eats memory, and just feels bulky. Further, even after over two years of work on the current version, there’s a poor form of voice support and nothing for conferences.

Meanwhile, I have this app that came with my Mac, iChat, that sits dormant for the most part. I’d much rather use this slice of technology for many reasons.

iChat’s voice support is by far the best available on the Mac. Further, I can get a multi-person voice conference going in seconds, which I can then import into Garage Band and start a radio-style podcast if I like. Video chats are also awesome on iChat, with some neat features embedded into that option. I can share photos and video in full screen as well as start a video conference in full screen with up to three other people, all in the H.264 codec, giving near HD quality.

Further, iChat just feels like part of my system, where other applications feel, well, like they’re from a third party. I’ve managed to work with Adium, the great multi-client IM client for the Mac, but it offers no video or voice.

So, I’m taking this time to appoligize to iChat for never using you. It’s nothing personal.


~ by Steve L. on December 15, 2008.

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